Follow your Passion to Unlimited Being

The whole goal of yoga is for subject, object and process to become one. You have to become completely united with what you are doing. On the physical side, it is to align the body so completely that spirit is manifesting fully in and through the body. On the emotional side, it is to become one with the Beloved, to be in a relationship with the Beloved where you become the perfect instrument; there is only the Beloved in and through you. Everywhere that you look there is the Beloved within you and around you. When you choose the mental path, it is to break free from the illusion and to see that there is only One in the whole play; the One Self. Wherever you are, you bring that consciousness of unlimited being. Wherever you are drawn to, begin to open up your consciousness to that area. Sri Vasudeva


One Response to Follow your Passion to Unlimited Being

  1. Karel van t wout says:

    Met vriendelijke groeten Karel


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