Acknowledge the Divine in Every Moment


Can we think that the very prana that we are breathing is coming from the Divine, and that we should offer the prana to the Divine with every breath? Shouldn’t we think that the words that we are speaking is coming from a Divine place and every word should be an offering to the Divine? Shouldn’t we think that the food that we are eating came from a Divine source and is going to be offered to the Divine within that is going to digest it? Shouldn’t we acknowledge that when we eat? Shouldn’t we go to bed every night saying, “I hope I have pleased You today through all my actions”? Shouldn’t we live in the constant awareness of a Divine presence as we work, as we move, as we speak, as we act, as we think? Shouldn’t we be constantly in the awareness of the power that lies within us that is really doing? Don’t we call that “God consciousness”? Isn’t that what we should have as created beings, living and being nourished by a constant power within us that has given us free will to navigate? Sri Vasudeva


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