Meditation to Untie the Granthis

6254942d4373841981d366f44d707e0c.jpgThis spiritual journey to our true power is a journey of stages.  In the Yogic wisdom, these stages are called Granthis, or knots.  There are three stages. Read more about them in this post. This is a meditation to untie these knots.

The goal is to work with Kuṇḍalinī to untie the knots. If you have several knots operating at the same time, then you can work all of them: breathing into the mūlādhāra; maṇipūra at the navel; anāhata at the heart; into the throat; up to the eyebrows. So you have the awareness of the entire spine if you are working all of them.

Observe what kind of kriyā is happening, cleansing, and follow the Kuṇḍalinī where She is in cleansing mode, in the kriyā mode. You will see the marvel of the journey, that you are not alone in this journey; you are guided. The knots will appear before you.

Remember, work in a collaborative way with Her. Do not run away with the ego. Stay with Her wherever She is working. You are trying to break free from the tamasic quality of the Māyā, the strong veiling quality. Stay vigilant, aware…and the promise is that as you go deeper, the Ananda Shakti will come; you will be engaged in that blissful energy of the play.

Really observe the breath and the prāṇayama experience of extending the breath in the ujjai. Restlessness should disappear; more calmness should come at every level. Revitalization should be happening.

For some of you, if praying comes naturally to you, then use it. If mantras come naturally to you, use it. If you cannot yet free the mind, engage it. Do not try to go where She is not taking you. When you go to where She wants to engage you, everything will happen easier.

Remember the goal is to free the consciousness, so do not limit the consciousness in any way; in beliefs, expectations, impatience…no.

Be in gratitude. Observe how She protects you from the thoughts you do not need. She nourishes you through the prāṇa. She strengthens you that you feel more vital. She lights up the inner space with deeper understanding. And She gives you the vision that She is everywhere. This is what this mantra says.

May we be protected together, may we be nourished together, may we achieve strength together, may my knowledge be full of light, and may I see you everywhere; no separation, no differences, only unity of being. 

Sri Vasudeva Day 27 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www.

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