Letting go to be Held…

pexels-photo-225336.jpegIf you begin to realize that you are not the doer then there should be a shift in you as to who the real doer is.  It’s the way of looking. In the relinquishing of doership we begin to feel a new surge of energy, so let’s say you’re in an ordinary job.  You begin to feel the job as extraordinary now because you’re feeling a divine surge in you.

It requires in that letting go to be held, or to be carried.  So it’s a false notion if you let go and you are stagnant.  But if you let go in some divine waking up and you begin to feel a new power surging through your being, that’s the kind of spiritual waking up that is important, that’s the letting go that should happen.  You let go when you feel that something is taking over.  So that’s where the spiritual awakening is.  It pushes you to let go and that letting go has to be moving away from the seeker, seeing an evolutionary urge inside of you that’s pushing you. “What is pushing me to give up this idea of doership?” Sri Vasudeva Day 22 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org

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