Uncovering The Veil of Maya

Our physical senses bring the experience of the gross body and the gross field. Just observe what grossness is; the heaviness of the body, the connection to the earth, the fire in the body, the water in the body the air…the gross elements.

Then observe the field behind the gross; the subtle field. Observe the senses at work. You have the sense of smell,  of taste,  of sight,  of touch, and of hearing. They are related to the elements, so smell and the earth; taste and water; seeing and fire; touching and air; hearing and space.

Then you have that subtle aspect of the senses, where you are hearing not only the physical world, but you are hearing in the subtle world as well; you can hear your thoughts in a subtle sense. You can see inner lights in a subtle sense. You can get divine aromas in a subtle sense. You can taste in a subtle sense.

Observe the mind’s activity

Observe  how the mind is associated with all of these; the subtle experience of the elements and the gross experience of the elements. If we were to create a thought, it would be in the manas nature of the mind. Observe how the reasoning aspect of the mind is being used in a very subtle way to understand what I am saying  and to use the guidance. You are using the intellect; that intelligence function.

Become aware of the Shiva Shakti relationship

Then observe the background consciousness of being. There is a consciousness aspect that is related to all the energies that you are experiencing, and that consciousness energy relationship that you are observing is the Shiva Shakti relationship. It is the field that is conscious of change and involved in change.

Then there is another aspect; a totally independent witness.  Here we are observing the play of Māyā.  When we feel that there is something guiding our actions and our thoughts – and we can feel that something is moving the body, moving the mind, moving the breath; that is Kuṇḍalinī. That is the evolutionary energy that is supporting the created experience, or world, whilst driving the evolutionary process. That is Kuṇḍalinī within you. Sri Vasudeva Day 9 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org


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