Enter the Space of Freedom beyond Limitations

pexels-photo-349451.jpegWhen you sit to meditate, are you caught in the thought and the idea, or are you observing a deeper space from where you can see clearly the thoughts and ideas that are coming up in the mind, and you do not identify with them? You are not caught or carried away by them? When that happens, there is a greater peace that you feel in your inner being, because the mind is a burden, thinking is a burden, and you only appreciate that when the mind stops thinking; not suppressed in the silence, but naturally the thought stops. “Wow, how free I am!” That is why you have such a beautiful experience in deep sleep; because the mind is completely absent, inactive. You get up from a deep sleep and you say, “Oh my God, this is so good”; mind has disappeared. If in your waking and conscious experience, you can let the mind disappear, think of what you will experience in that space. That is the space of freedom.

Sri Vasudeva Day 5 Forty days 2017. For full talk and meditation go to  www. blue-star.org


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