Self – Discovery is in the Inner Space

pexels-photo-205717.jpegMāyā is happening in our consciousness, but it is difficult to appreciate what consciousness really is. The whole object of the spiritual journey is to really understand consciousness.

The jump has to be made from the physical to the subtle. That is where spiritual awakening comes in, and that is where the Guru comes in; the one who knows.

To really appreciate what consciousness is, we have a little homework to do. We need to really explore the inner space. Do you really think you understand what consciousness is? Because if you do, you will be experiencing your subtle nature that is co-existing with the physical, that is supporting the physical, that is driving the physical, that is behind the physical, that is the light in the body; just as electricity lights up the bulb. So the self-discovery is outside the realm of the physical; it is in the meditation process and it is in the self-inquiry, the “Who am I?” and going deeper than the body, shifting from the body, and going to the depth of the mind, and going to the depth of the emotional being and the vital being. That is where the experience of consciousness will come.

You could sit down in the physical posture and try to perfect the physical posture, but you are not going to find it. You can go through all the intellectual thought using the mind, and you will not find it. You can explore all the emotions, and you will not find it. Because it is ‘that’ which gives rise to the thought, ‘that’ which gives rise to the emotions. So we need to go to the very source of being to experience what true consciousness is. It is not a product of thought, it is not a product of emotion, and it is certainly not physical. “That thou art. That which created the Universe is within you. It is subtle. It is the subtle essence of all. Know that and you will know everything.”  Sri Vasudeva Day 2 Forty days 2017. For full talk go to www.



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