Possibility of Tapping into Unlimited Information

It is possible to develop the amazing power of focused attention, focused awareness, and to bring all of our resources to bear in that focus.

We have the power in the consciousness to access an unlimited store of information but we are ignorant about this. We rack our brains trying to figure out things, when we can open the field and access any information we want, if only we know this secret. Our soul knows how, but we have forgotten!

I remember when we had no internet, we had to go into many books to research research_library2 (1).jpginformation. Of course, the library that we had access to was limited. Today, we can just go on an internet browser, type in any subject we want, and we find loads and loads of information, endless as it were. So much information, from so many people on the internet, freely given. Amazing isn’t it? I would have never believed that in my time of study at university, but look at what is there. Is it possible that there is a source of  information of the mind, where we can access all the information we need? Yes, there is! More on how to access this information tomorrow. Sri Vasudeva



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