Conditioning for the Challenges of the Day

If we look at ourselves, “How is my mind today? Is it scattered, is it worrisome, is it fearful? How is my physical body? Is it vital, is it strong, is it firm, is it steady? How is my emotional being as I begin my day? Is there lack of self-esteem, is there the feeling of aloneness, the feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of guilt? How is my consciousness space? Do I feel it is open? Do I feel that it is a space of all possibilities? Do I feel connected to some greater power?”

If I look very carefully at all of these, I may realize that I need to be prepared for my day! “What ritual can I do, in this vulnerable period to arm myself, to condition myself, to prepare myself for a new day?” I think those moments are very valuable moments, especially when our body wakes up from a deep sleep.

We need to recharge the body to bring back its circulation, to bring back its vitality, because it went into a state of almost hibernation, into a deep sleep where all the processes slowed down, and inner recharging was happening, and at a physical level  repair. I am sure the body was very happy for that little period of respite where the mind is not interfering so much so it can repair. How do we get this body back to a state where it can be ready for our day? You see how people get up with various levels of vitality, yawning, half-sleeping, frazzled.

The physical body is wonderful, and I think we do need some kind of ritual when we wake up to bring the body’s vitality back to a state of preparedness for the day’s activities. What about our emotional being, what do we do for this level? How do we ensure that we are in a good place of self-esteem, worthiness, joyfulness, happiness, cheerfulness? Then mental being, “How is my mind? What is the quality of thoughts in my mind as I get up preparing for a new day? And what is my connection to that space of all possibilities?” This is a vital time, the morning period!

That is why meditation is a good exercise. Meditation is a way of conditioning the consciousness. Meditation does not necessarily mean that we have to sit down in the traditional meditative posture. We can condition our consciousness in many ways like qigong, tai chi, yoga, walking, running. In all those activities we can be aware of what is happening in the mind. We can do several things; repeat affirmations, repeat mantras, pray, begin to bond with everything around, or be fully with the task at hand.

Do not think that meditation is only about sitting. That is the beginning of meditation where we withdraw from the world when we need a safe space, and then we begin to condition our mind. Meditation really is the way of conditioning the consciousness to be open, to be centred, to be focused, to be energized, to be connected.  We can do it in so many ways! We can do it whilst walking, whilst exercising, or with closed eyes in a fixed position. Sri Vasudeva




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