Readiness for the Game of Life

mp900431269.jpgWe need to come into unity consciousness and then personal integrity will be strong, then we are ready for the game of life. It is important to understand we are always in this personal space which can be huge if we are in the hub. Then we can see every part of the space and everything appears in slow motion. Can you imagine in a sport if the player is well centered, remembering everything, “The manager is with me, the captain is with me, every player is with me, I just have to be aware. So I can feel the spirit of the manager. I can feel the intelligence of the captain, I can feel the emotion of every player. I can feel the spirit of all the stakeholders in this sport” and every player is carrying the consciousness of the all! 

Then the game becomes exciting. There is no poverty consciousness, there is no lacking. There is integrity within and manifested on the outer. Every player is fully spirited, carrying the consciousness of the whole. He or she vibrates with the manager, with the captain, with every player, and knows exactly what is expected of each. So when you are operating in this field of life, in the collective space, you need to remember that personal integrity. Intellect has to be used keenly when it is required, emotions to be used appropriately, vitality is to be sustained, physical body ought to be travel-worthy, respected and ego needs to be nourished by the whole team. Then it becomes really exciting!

I hope this is not just a story. I hope that you can actually be excited as I am, because this is the space I live in! But these models give me an idea of looking at it with excitement! No hierarchy in the inner space: I respect my body, I love my body, I love my emotional being, I love my vital being, I love my intellect and I am in the hub. I will allow each one to come in when it is necessary, and let the others rest on the bench waiting to come in but totally involved and invested in the play. Life is a marvellous play! Sri Vasudeva



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