Integrity in the Game of Life

Peace Garden.jpgWe often talk about the “the game of life”. So we continue a little further in looking at this play. You will agree with me that the “field” is consciousness, the source of all possibilities, that is the field that we are playing in.

Can we look at the possibility of a personal field, the field in which we operate in, the inner space; and the collective field of the consciousness, the space that is outside of our personal space? So we have two fields in which we play and both contain all possibilities because both are the consciousness field. We have an inner field that is personal and private to us. And we have a collective field, the external, that we play the game of life in, where we interact with other conscious beings in the field of life.

Yesterday, we were considering the play in the inner field, the personal field. We can call that “the training field,” it’s a field that we are in every moment. I have often remarked that you can be in the midst of a crowd and still be alone, if you are very conscious of your personal field and how huge it is, and how it contains all possibilities.

In fact when all the players that we identified yesterday in the personal field are working together in harmony, how do we call that? Personal integrity – when all the intentions are noble and this team on the inner space is working together in perfect balance, harmony, helping each other, supporting each other, understanding each other, respecting each other, really team playing. Intellect, ego, emotional being, vital being, physical body; the whole team is vibrating with one energy, one goal, which is the noble intention.

Then we have what is called personal integrity, that is strength. Integrity means “whole.” So we are united in the inner space. How does it feel when all these players come together very powerfully in the inner space? You can well understand what happens in an actual game of sport when every player is working in harmony with the whole, very united, full of noble purpose, respecting each other, supporting each other, conscious of each other, and realizing too that each player has a skill and a role that is important in the space. We need that kind of unity consciousness on the inside. Sri Vasudeva


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