Making the Shift

We want to make a shift. We understand the power of this consciousness field. We realize we have to be responsible for our intentions. So how do we begin? There are so many teachings! There are so many teachers! There are so many theories! There are so many possibilities! Where do we begin? How do we choose?

Why don’t we start with “what is” before me? Why am I not present to “what is”? Can “what is” before me, help me to know more? Is it a game of hide and seek, that life is putting everything before me, and I need to begin with “what is”? This seems to make a lot of sense.  I find it to be very practical – stay with “what is,” and explore the possibilities that emerge.

What is the scenario before me? Hmmm – well, I am aware, I am aware of my world. I am aware that my human senses bring information to me: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching.  I am also aware that I can process this information inside, and make opinions, form judgments!

I can create thoughts: “This is a fellow human being; this is a musical instrument; this is a floor; this is a ceiling.” Then, if I want to remember: “The floor was blue in colour. The ceiling was another shade of blue. What was the colour of the musical instrument? Oh, it was brown. And then the fellow human beings … oh, they are different.” My memory is bringing back images. So I can think and I can imagine.

I can recall – hmmm, that is “what is.” And how do I know the difference between a musical instrument and this box? There is a keyboard there, and a bellows. So it draws air in, and air comes out with a sound. This other box has electronic equipment. It is different. Now, I am using reasoning. So there is reason within me.

And who is asking all these questions! “Who am I? I have a human body. I have a mind. I can think, and I am an “I.” I have an identity! I am male, in human body I am tall. This is the colour of my skin. This is my hair. I have an identity! I am different! So there … I have an identity, I have the power to reason, I have the power to think, I have the power to imagine, I have the power to remember. Hmm, I have a lot of power! Sri Vasudeva



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