Identifying Our Life Purpose

In this lifetime we have come with a certain purpose, which can be identified if we look very closely at the talents we have come with, the people who surround us. Somehow, life placed us in certain relationships, with certain talents, with certain challenges.

If you look very carefully, you will begin to see that this is a very intelligent Universe, setting up the exact scenario for us to fulfill our life purpose. If you look carefully at what is before you every day, you will begin to see a purpose emerging. Whether it’s a challenged relationship, whether it’s an inner struggle to be more unselfish, to be more loving, to give up anger, to be more understanding. You will see right before you in the things that you struggle with, you will see a purpose. If you begin to identify that, and to work with it, you may find the Universe very supportive, because it’s based on a plan. We came here with a life plan, with a life purpose.

It’s extremely important to understand our life purpose. Whenever we are focused on that, we begin to feel that some part of us inside is being supported – that the Universe is supporting us in doing this. So as we begin to tap into that unlimited power that we are, we need to identify our purpose. And this purpose must drive the intentions that are able to tap into that unlimited power. Sri Vasudeva

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