How Is my Purpose fulfilling me?

Those purposes that are driven by survival needs and the pursuit of power and pleasure, bring a kind of happiness but also bring a lot of pain and misery in the human experience. Because in pursuing those purposes sometimes we do not give attention to the welfare and well-being of others. And once we do that, some part of us will never be fulfilled when we act selfishly.

And when our purpose is to become better, to know ourselves more, to live more in the light of understanding and love and wisdom, we find that some deeper part of us is fulfilled by doing this. And when we try to make our world a better place – to co-create spaces of love and harmony and peace – we find that a quality of happiness emerges in our being that fulfills us. So we should be very observant as to where our purpose is coming from. Is it selfish? Is it unselfish? Sri Vasudeva



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