Make a Positive Impact

How do we tap into this power inside to impact our world positively, so that we can create a world of peace, love, and harmony? Of course, you will agree with me that’s a better world, that’s the world we are all seeking, whether we know it or not. Even those who are in a negative bent, they are seeking the same, but they don’t know it. They feel that by destructive means they are going to have power and happiness and freedom. But, no, no, destruction is never the answer!   

So as we tap into this unlimited potential, we need to be benevolent. We need to be kind towards our world. We need to be well intentioned to our world and then all the forces of the Light will support us. The entire Universe will support us.   

We can be destructive in very visible ways and very subtle ways. In the way we defame others, in the way we insult others, in the way we make them inferior, in the way that we take their power away; these are very subtle ways and sometimes we don’t see it.  Of course we do it in very visible ways too by hurting someone physically. When you are destructive pain is eventually going to come. Whenever we create hurt and harm in the human experience it’s going to come back to us. In harming another, we are harming a part of ourselves. So in tapping into “that potential that we are,” and experiencing a higher power, that we use it for the good of our world, it is extremely important to be aware of this. Sri Vasudeva




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