The Power of Opening the View

Let us begin to think about how we can control  fear.

If we fight fear by confronting it, and being in conflict with it, it’s not going to be solved so easily. We need to come into a space that can help us to see beyond the fear. It’s difficult, but we have the power to do it. We have the power to look at the fear, observe it – and here we are using discrimination and awareness. We have the power to accept that it, we have grown to develop a relationship with it, so it is a part of us.

We have the power to rationalize or reason. “Does this fear have any basis? Is this fear going to do me any good? Am I giving my power away to the fear? Is there another possibility where I can direct my attention and intention?” So the moment you think of another possibility, you are opening up the space of consciousness. When we think that the fear is the only possibility, we are so consumed with it, we are closed. In a space where we have the power to open up the view, we have narrowed our view.

As we explore in this consciousness space, we will see that we have the power to open up the space, and not to give our power away with our attention and intention, to be consumed by the things that are not good for us. We need to explore the power of opening up the consciousness. To find other thoughts and ideas, that can help to lift us out. We need to search the consciousness space. Sri Vasudeva



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