Approaching Nature with Humility

How can we take a humble approach to all of life? If we were humble to Nature  wouldn’t we be greater friends? Humankind is so full of scientific knowledge yet look at how we are slowly destroying the earth! Look at how we are changing the weather patterns.

We who are so “learned” do not approach Nature with humility as native populations did. If we were truly wise we would never cut down trees so wastefully, so indiscreetly. We destroy the rivers, disturbing the ecosystems. We create so much garbage! Everything is biodegradable in Nature, it goes back into the system. We who are so seemingly wise, do not approach with humility, to learn from Nature.

But the truly wise ones learn from Nature – how to mix colours, how to blend things, how to see the sense of balance and how every life form is important. How much we can learn from Nature which is right before our eyes! When will we human beings become humble?             Sri Vasudeva



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