Humility in the Learning Process

Let’s look at the posture, the approach and the power of humility. When we think of humility we think of being little, sometimes we think of being the doormat, offering no resistance, accepting everything. And some may even take it to the extent of gullibility – believing in everything. But what really is humility? How does it feature in this process of learning and growing, opening or shifting the consciousness?  How can we use it as a tool in the learning process? What does it mean to be humble?

One of the great qualities of humility is respect. Respect for that which is. Understanding the greatness of that which is. Understanding the power and the greater meaning of that which is. There is so much to know in life. There is so much unknown space in the learning process. There are so many possibilities in every situation. Will we ever know enough? Will we be ever able to be completely in that knowledge of everything about everything? And can we say in every situation, even when we are learned, that we really know?

When you look at those who are truly wise, even though learned, you see childlike simplicity … humility to life itself … humility to the learning process. When you meet them, they give you their full attention as though they are seeing you for the first time, and as though you are the greatest person in the world. No matter how learned they are, no matter how they are recognized and called great. Have you ever seen the Dalai Lama? Have you ever seen his approach to life?  You see humble simplicity, with such attention to everything around yet he’s considered to be such a high being, but so happy to meet with everyone, be with everyone, completely unassuming! Sri Vasudeva




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