Associate With Those Who are Strong

If we are investigating out of fear, searching our way out of the misery, but we are fearful, then it’s a defensive approach. We are trying to protect ourselves, we are trying to save ourselves … but there is fear. Can that create a good learning environment? There is a need to have this curiosity that creates excitement and the desire to explore. And if we don’t, then we really need to ask ourselves, “Do I really want to know more about me, or am I happy with what is happening around me?”

So for the true seeker, there must be this desire. And if you feel you have the desire, but it’s not active, it’s not strong, then this grows by associating with those who have the strong desire. There is nothing more powerful than that energy boost we get from others who are confident about their search, who are centred in strength. Sri Vasudeva



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