First Steps in Exploring Consciousness

How will it change my life if I understand what is inside of me? I am seeing a dark side in me; fear, loneliness, separation, hate, anger, jealousy. And I am seeing glimpses of love, of peace, of compassion. Why do I have these qualities?  Are these all that are in my being? Why don’t I have power to stay with the ones that uplift me and power to push away the ones that I do not like? And how do they influence my behaviour? How do they influence my actions and how can I manage that? I do not like when I am angry. I do like when I am bitter. I do not like these qualities coming up in my being. What can I do about them? And therein lies enquiry.

Why can’t I communicate with whatever Being created me? What am I doing here? I am alone! Where are you?  Tell me, where are you? I want to know! I need to know! I have to know! Therein lies enquiry.

When you become so consumed with these questions that you cannot sleep and even if you go to sleep, you are asking “Who is sleeping? Who is waking up? What are these thoughts? Why do I dream? Where do I go when I dream? Crazy dreams! Happy dreams! Is it a mystery? Is it a play? Is it a puzzle?” These are the questions that will fire us up to go deeper into the enquiry about what is consciousness.

So it begins with us. It begins with making that enquiry within with passion, with devotion, with persistence… until we find.   Sri Vasudeva



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