Develop the Skills of Exploration

We are beings of Consciousness and we need to explore that field beyond that which we are conditioned to experience –  the human consciousness.  It requires great curiosity; your interest needs to be heightened and you need to learn how to investigate, otherwise you will not see that which is right before you. I am sure that you can remember instances where you are observing a situation and you do not pick up everything, and then someone brings it to your attention, “Look at this,” and then you say, “Ah ha.” How easy it is to get locked into our own limited way of looking in simple situations, not being able to see that which is right before our eyes. So  true observation, is an art. It is an ability you can develop.

How do we develop the skills to really explore, that we can see more than meets the eye or the senses? How can we go beyond the known, beyond the conditioned thinking, to see more? How are we going to explore the Consciousness if we do not develop these skills? People are trained in investigating, it is a skill. If you want to explore such a critical field that is important to your wellbeing and transformation and shift, then you need to develop those skills. Even in daily life when you develop these skills, you are much better at everything that you do. So it is worth the while to develop these skills of exploration.  Sri Vasudeva




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