The Goal of Life

Our life in the human world is not a paradise, a place of total happiness with no worry and no pain. You will agree with me, won’t you? The human experience has with it moments of joy, sadness, pain. The physical body, when mature gives so much joy, strength, pleasure but as it grows older it ages, and what happens? And as it grows even older and the time comes when it has to go back to nature — as it is borrowed from nature — what happens to the consciousness? It is filled with sadness and pain. That is your human consciousness: duality.

But there is another level of consciousness: with no sadness, no pain, no disease, no death, no aging where true happiness is, where mastery is, where freedom lies. That is the level of consciousness that is worthy of exploring.  The goal of life, therefore, is really to evolve in consciousness until we fully experience that place. We call that “Higher Consciousness.”  Sri Vasudeva



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