Learning Happens by Processing Experiences

In any scientific process, you observe, you analyze, you conclude and then you make recommendations as to what to do. That is how learning happens and the same with the inner space. We find in meditation, I begin by saying  let me use my breath and see where it takes me. I am going just to use rhythms in the breath, rituals in the breath, different muscles in the breath, let me see where it takes me. Experimentation, observation, conclusions, recommendations. 

The principles of learning are the same, whether we apply them to an external environment or an internal environment. It is how we process things. Of course life can bombard us with so many things that we never really learn, because we make the same misakes again and again. If we don’t open up our consciousness to learn, we make the same mistake continuously.  So what I am saying is the way we process, the way we observe, the way we analyze that is how we learn. we have to open up the mind to the new and to everything. That is how we learn. that is how I learn.

Sri Vasudeva

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