The Rapturous State

Let’s withdraw the energy from the senses and focus it on that space inside. Hold the reins of the thinking mind, allow the intellectual mind to hold that rein firmly as we centre in the inner space. Beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleeping; beyond the Waker, the Dreamer and the Deep Sleeper lies another space, a fourth space, a turiya space. In that space we are carried. That is a rapturous space where this individuality that witnesses from its very centre of Pure Being, is enraptured with the joy, the ananda, the bliss of the inner space. 

Here we unite with our essence, our creative Source, without the need to use the mind. Just to be; not to be anything, not to be any of the several roles we play, but just to be. Our nature is just to be, allowing that Divine Self to manifest in all its glory in and through us.

Who am I? Just an instrument. Who am I? Just a servant. Who am I? Just a transparent one, the humble one in surrender. It is the Divine that is the doer. It is the Divine that holds us when we allow it to. Withdraw the attention from the senses, from the mind, internally and rest it in that Source, opening up the mind to all possibilities in the silence of being. Without the urge to believe anything, without the urge to create another label, without the urge to define ourselves as any of the roles we play. Just stay in that Source, knowing that everything that we are and could be is from the Source of life itself. We are nothing without the Source. Sri Vasudeva



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