Give Attention to the Inner Space

Sri Vasudeva:
The important thing in that inner space is really understanding who is the one who is saying, “I want to know this space.” Who is that entity inside of the space that we have become aware of, that needs to know, that feels ignorant, that feels separate, that has lost some kind of knowledge, so it is seeking to know, “Who am I?” Who is that one inside and how did this one come about? For me, it is tremendously fascinating that there can be a “one” or an individual in that Consciousness space that is seeking. It can only be seeking itself. It can only be seeking to understand the root of its existence.
The attention should be to the inner space. Does it make sense to you that we are so caught up in the things of the outer world, using the human senses, that we do not give enough attention to what is happening in the inner space? So this “one” that is in there, that is searching, that is seeking, that feels separate, that feels that it is ignorant, that one is called the ahamkar in the Vedantic teachings; the ahamkar, the “I” maker. How did this “I” come about inside there? That is also interesting to note.

Consciousness is a field; it is like a clear screen on which or in which anything can appear. So the “I” appears in this Consciousness space. What is the cause? How does an “I” appear in the Consciousness space? If you look at a screen on which a film is being projected, the screen is just this clear space and the picture is projected on that space, and you are having quite an experience of looking at the projection in the space, when the projection disappears, what remains? Clear space; what has always been there. The light is playing with its colours and forms on a clear space that continues to exist after the play.

The human form is an experience in that Consciousness space and this gives us an identity. It embodies the Consciousness. So that which was like a screen, a clear field, now has an embodiment, the physical embodiment allows us to view and to experience this plane.

But we do not only have a physical embodiment, we have a subtle energy embodiment on the inside. We do not perceive it because we do not look carefully. But the moment we begin to explore the other energies that are in the Consciousness, we will begin to become aware that we are more than just a physical embodiment.



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