Hold me, Carry me, Guide me, I am Yours

Sri Vasudeva:

“Help me to open my heart that I may release all the burdens that are there. That the love that is within may finally be free.”

“I rest my being in you Oh Divine One.  Hold me, carry me, guide me, I am Yours. Cleanse me, transform me, purify me. Lead me to the Light. Let me know I am only You. You and I are One. In my ignorance I think that I am the doer but in truth, You are. I make myself transparent. I make myself clear that you can flow in and through me without any obstruction. You are my Light. I have no need for any other, nor do I need to create any belief about You. Come, take over my space, have compassion on me O Lord. Come and dwell within my being. Without You life is so painful and lonely. Fill my empty vessel with your love.”





One Response to Hold me, Carry me, Guide me, I am Yours

  1. Joan says:

    Such powerful words, so beautifully said! Thank you for sharing this wonderful prayer.

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