Thought and its Attendants

Sri Vasudeva

Your mind is the most powerful part of you, by now you should know that. We can think anything into reality. What a fascination! If I think I am warm, I become more warm. If I think I am cool, I become more cool. If I think I am well, my system works better. If I think I am not well, I compromise my system. Our very thought has power. Why? Because the power of thought is rooted in the Divine. So we need to respect the power of thought.

We have such creative power, such  quantum power! We can create these powerful energy waves in the consciousness space that can permeate our entire physical being and it can flow in the space around. Thoughts can create toxicity, darkness. Or thoughts can create light waves that uplift. And the centre of creation of these thoughts are right in the brain.

But when we produce a thought, it has siblings attached to it. It opens up a space, it brings an emotion, it influences vitality and it influences physicality. So our thought is always working with a family. So whenever we look at our thoughts, we need to think of the rest of the family that is attendant.




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