Living in the Space of the Mystics

Sri Vasudeva:

Whatever we dream about and hold very firmly can actualize, and though it might be a challenge to have this happen, our dreams ultimately come true. The Universe supports every dream and gives us a chance to experience every consequence of those dreams. That’s why we say that the mind is like a wish-fulfilling tree. Once you think about it, the Universe is going to offer it to you and give you an experience. So it is like a child with a parent, wanting to keep the child happy, the parent gives the child everything.

In the journey from darkness into light we want to be carried away from suffering, because suffering is all in the mind. When we accept suffering as our lot, when we own it as ours, we are identifying with it. It is possible to experience it but not identify with it. It is happening in our space and it is an experience, but at the very core of our being, just like in the eye of a storm, the experience is of stillness amidst change, of being carried amidst challenges. And that is the experience the mystics, the yogis and every spiritual seeker is striving for—to come to that space and to live in that space. Not to be in that space for a moment, but to live in it.



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