The Freedom of Creating Anew

Sri Vasudeva:

We can direct energy to anything if we know our centre of power. But we are so caught up in the energy forms that are created in an unconscious way by the force of environment, and the force of people’s opinion and the force of everything else, it shapes our reality. When someone tells us something, we hold onto that as real when it is not.

So we need to get to that centre where we can create any thought we want, we can deconstruct any thought we want, any pattern we want and we can feel the freedom of creating anew. Reality in the space that we know is fluid, it changes in a moment. But there is a space inside of us that does not. It is the space where we observe change from, and it is a space where we can continuously feel peace because it has no fluctuation in its essence; its essential peace stays. Its essential lovingness stays, its essential bliss stays, its essential existence stays. And that is the state we all need to go to, that is the state where reality is created; the reality we know in the space, the energy forms, that is where it is created. Why not go to the creative space and see what joy there is in there at the very centre?



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