The Soul is Like an Actor on a Stage

Sri Vasudeva:

Today lets us observe the power of the mind to create its reality that is only temporary and subject to change. Stay at the centre of Being and clear the mind of thought constructs as much as you can. Deconstruct all the things that you believe to be true. Hold nothing to be absolutely true but only temporary. And begin to watch how you can create different thought forms. You can experience the creation of these forms – if I think I am warm, if I think I am cold, if I think I am lonely, if I think I am not lonely – watch how you can play with these thought forms at will, just like an actor plays with emotions and moods skillfully.

When you engage in these thought forms, you are really acting in a play. Though you are embracing moods and thought constructs and actions, you are none of those. Just like actors know they are playing with moods and thoughts and gestures, but skillfully know they are none of those. Just so in life; the soul in its essence is really acting on a stage, playing out all of these things when it is not any of them. So the very conscious soul is aware of that and sports beautifully, creating only harmony and light in the play.



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