Be Open and Flexible to More Points of View

The intellect can help you very much, but you need to be able to let go of the old and be open to the new. You need to say, “Maybe the way I am seeing is only one way. Maybe there are other ways of seeing the same situation.” So when you tell yourself this, you become more open. When you see another point of view, don’t jump up and say, “Ah! Now I see it” and you hold to the next point of view and limit yourself. Can you continue, “This is another point of view, and maybe there is another, and yet another.” You need to have the flexibility of seeing many points of view. This is very exciting for me!

If I have a problem to solve and I am seeing it in a particular way, I may be very convinced in my way but I am careful not to hold this view of the situation as the only view because I am humble; the universe is so vast that I become humble in this space. I want to know more, to see more points of view so I begin to talk to others, “What do you think about this?” Then I see the way they look at the world and I get new ideas and new ways of seeing. That’s exciting. Sri Vasudeva



One Response to Be Open and Flexible to More Points of View

  1. Leger, Nathalie says:

    Love this : )

    Thank you and right on cue.

    Have an awesome day

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