Let Us Seek Our Greatness

Today as we greet a new day, can we feel a sense of rebirth and renewal as though we’ve taken a bath inside, as though we’ve washed away all the past, as though the future is to be a gift that we can look forward to.  Can we see today as a day of rebirth and renewal?  Can we feel that the time we have spent in meditation and chanting, created a renewal within?  Do we feel clean inside?  Do we feel lifted inside?

In this moment we are a pure being.  In this moment we are sacred, as in every moment.  We are more than a mortal being.  Can you feel that?  Can you carry this spirit throughout the day — that you are a pure being.  In truth nothing can contaminate you, but you allow it to.  You allow thoughts in your mind, you allow feelings and ideas to limit you, to create fear and guilt and depression within you…but you are free in every moment.  You are born of freedom!  You are born of divinity in every moment!  Can you remind yourself of that?  That “I was born of spirit.  I exist in spirit.” Sri Vasudevafrangipani-macro-ladybug.jpg


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