When Putting Yourself First Is Important

You have come into the world for your own liberation, not for anybody else’s but your own.  When I was quite young, I was reading a book and this idea became crystal clear in my mind.  The book said we come to the world for our own realization.  Every situation that we are placed in is an opportunity for us to work out our own freedom.

Sometimes we can get caught up and think that we are helping other people.  But can we see differently that people are placed so that we may have an opportunity that we may become selfless, that we become free.  Sometimes we are more focused on “I’m helping the world and that’s my purpose to free and to lift people around me.”  But we have to consider first, am I fully lifted?

All the experiences whatever they might be,  it’s really for us.  It gives us the opportunity to lift ourselves and helps us grow.  So everything that happens around us, every opportunity to serve, to help to give, is really an opportunity for us, not the other person, it’s for us to become more and more free.  Sri Vasudeva



One Response to When Putting Yourself First Is Important

  1. Henk says:

    Very interesting and a great reminder again. I have heard/read this before, but a great reminder.
    Today and yesterday I met different people and thought of the post, “they must be here for a reason. Can I find out why?”. Very interesting. To keep on asking, what can I learn from this or that?

    A thought came when reading the post. Where is the border between helping someone and being in service? When am I lifted enough?

    A few answers came: what is the amount of expectations in there? I can, for instance, help someone but expect in exchange certain behaviour. Or I can be in serve and expect nothing, but serve purely for the joy of service, with the art of giving.

    And does it cost energy of does it give me energy? When helping or serving? With genuine helping it should give me energy.

    Are these signs enough to let me know that I am lifted enough? Or is there more?

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