Divine Beings Are Models To Show Us The Way

Love is a wonderful path! If you want to become unconditionally loving, and you want to experience this field of limitless love, be inspired by those human beings who show that kind of love, then you know it is attainable! If you associate with those who selflessly love and are unconditionally loving, you begin to feel it within you in a natural way, then you begin to feel its possibility and its power.

We say that God is love because love is such a beautiful energy. Love brings unity, it brings harmony and inspiration. When love comes into your field, it is a marvellous energy that enters in. It makes you want to give, to share. It challenges your boundaries and it opens you up to new possibilities.

In the way of the heart we begin by creating an image of love that drives us – the love of God, the love of a Divine being. We begin to hold images of love in our mind to motivate and inspire us. It may seem to be a conditional loving because we are only loving a divine image or divine expression, but that’s only so in the beginning. Sri Vasudeva



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