Stay In The Fundamental Awareness of “I Am”

Excerpt from Sri Vasudeva’s Morning Talk, November 10th 2016

Observe the energy of the ego in its drives, in its actions and reactions, in its inflation and deflation. But not only that, observe the root consciousness of the “I” that takes us right back to the Source: “I exist.” Not “I am this, I am that, I want this, I want that, I feel this, I feel that.” No, just “I am.” Go back to the root consciousness of the “I” and just observe. That is where you begin to feel that at that root, there is peace, power, potential, possibilities.

When engaged in the world, stay in that fundamental awareness of “I exist in this space, and this is what is happening in the space around me.” Begin to experience the space from that centre of being, that “I am” that is peaceful. Begin to experience the world from there and see how anger, jealousy, pride, lust may arise in you. See the qualities of goodness as well; peace, unity, harmony, charity and kindness. See how they play without judging them; “I am bad because a negative quality arises in me.” Say “This is interesting.” Change it from judgement to being interesting. “I want to understand how I become inflated, deflated, how I become judgemental, how I become caught.” Then you begin to see the process of how you engage in a very unconscious, compulsive, reactive way.

The more you can come back to that “I”  that fundamental space and observe, you can learn so much about what happens inside of you and how you react to things and how conditioned we become from the years of choices we have made and experiences we have had. And that is where real change begins; where you are able to see differently. If you cannot see differently, then you are caught; you react to people, you react to the world. But the moment you can see it clearly, then you see that you can choose differently, and that is where the transformation can be. So coming back to that root awareness of self brings you into a place where you can see more, and that seeing is important.


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