O Supreme One, Fill My Being…

I am Yours. O Supreme and infinite love within me. Let my ego melt in You. Let me become Your perfect instrument in this play.

I am a friend of all. I wish everyone well, and I centre in harmonious co-existence with the elements of nature, and with all creatures in this existence. I feel free in my soul, unburdened, unfettered. I know that the wings of my love are powered by You. Let my every thought be a thought of love. Let my mind offer you the most beautiful thoughts, fragrant with love. I adore You in all of creation. How can I exist without You? I am Yours, O Supreme One, all of me; body, mind and soul. Bless me; hold me in Your Being that my every moment will be filled with You. To You, my soul bows again and again.

Om peace, peace, peace…. Sri Vasudeva



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