A New Start

I took all my house plants outside to replace the soil in some cases and in others to repot. It was very interesting observing the feeling of the soil in my hands  as I emptied the pots. The soil was clearly depleted. It felt almost lifeless. The new soil in contrast felt vibrant, fresh, full of vitality. I could well imagine my plants flourishing with their new nourishment.

The plants that were pot bound were also interesting to observe. The roots were healthy,  they had filled the pot to capacity and had no more room for growth and that was affecting the overall health of the plant. They had made the most of what they had and they were ready for more.

repotting1.jpgphoto credit Heather Roades

Every external experience makes me think of my internal world. Is my current environment rich enough to support my spiritual life? How can I create space so my roots can grow more and support my branches as I reach for the sky? I have outgrown my current pot, I need a new one and I think writing might be the way.  Writing brings me greater insight about where I am. I also feel writing is part of my life purpose as I wish I could share some of the lessons I have learned from my spiritual teacher and mentor. I feel like I have gained so much from knowing him that I want to share my bounty. It is a rare gift to have a close relationship with such a Being.

The new soil or richness will come from reflecting on my life experiences. I will need to deepen my personal spiritual practises so that I can see more, to appreciate and find new ways to incorporate in my life the wisdom I have listened to and seen modelled by my teacher. That’s the fun part.

I will need to be disciplined with my time and energy if I am really going to fulfill this intention, to actually give it the chance to bloom. It is a little intimidating to share the dream publicly like this, I feel vulnerable like a little seedling….

It’s lovely to be here on the blog again.  The technology has changed and so I will need to learn all the new features. I am a bit rusty in the writing department too. I hope I will have your company in the days, weeks and months ahead as I embark on this new journey.




4 Responses to A New Start

  1. Henk says:

    Oow, the words, and especially your deep desire for growth and your comment on being wise with time and energy, inspire me greatly. I’m with you! Again 😃.

    Knowing that other beings are disciplined in growing and in their practices inspire me to be more disciplined. Sharing the journey make me stronger. Doing it together makes the journey easier.

    Thank you, from a joyful heart.

  2. Carla Cardell says:

    Beautiful! Thank you! It is funny that as i was reading, i felt that i was those plants needing richer soil and a bigger pot!

    Since i am still seated in the old, my first intention was to look outwards but as i kept reading, i agreed that i had overgrown myself and my old paterns that need to be upgrated….

    And yes! Only our daily spiritual discipline with Guru’s teachings and now (yeahh) your inspirational and precise examples From your blog as well will help us flourish and reach higher!

    Big hug and kissss!


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      This is very beautiful and insightful dear Carla. Thanks so much for sharing!

      On 10 June 2016 at 18:01, Chanmadhavi's Blog wrote:


  3. Hridaya 💖 says:

    Namaskar Madhaviji priye!
    So good reading you again.
    Sweet how you connected the plant’s wish to grow further than its pot allows with your current spiritual environment.
    Makes me wonder too…

    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m with you. 💖

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