We’ve been talking about observing the stories the mind creates and I promised to share a little more of my practice.

I became so interested in the observation process and wondered if I could watch the stories as they were being created in the mind. This was fascinating because what I discovered so far, is that the mind begins to create a story when I start to lose focus on what is happening in the present moment!

This was a great surprise to me, because I thought I was being present moment focused. As I pondered the experience I realized that there are gradations in the experience of present moment awareness. Sometimes I was more present than others and when I was more present the experience was more expansive, more blissful, more harmonious. I could increase how present I was by more consciously engaging in an experience.

Do you ever find, you tell yourself a story about how if you were in what you consider an ideal spiritual community, you would be able to experience more of your spiritual Self? That Self may have more love or peace or harmony. You probably have variations to this story.

Well another discovery I made as I practiced observing and being more conscious, was that the circumstances I was in, were ideal for growing or manifesting those same qualities I was wishing for! The more present I was, the more I realized how perfectly designed my situation was to help me to make a leap, not just a little step. As the mind became clearer I could see the opportunities better, the mundane seemed to disappear and everything around me became a rich spiritual field. This could be what is meant by “everything is in Divine order”. Isn’t this interesting?

Whenever we join in practice the collective field we create together is wonderfully supportive. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. Lets see what we will discover this week!

8 Responses to Discoveries

  1. gbrdg1 says:

    Thank you for your help and advice its hit me at a very sticky time. Inhave lost track of the healing circle. Any way just to update yoi on my saga. I am expecting to go in snd have my gall bladder and its 3 and half inch stone removed then in January hsve the 7 hour op on my spine that was promised would be done in last December but never materialised. Hopefully I will survive the 40, 60 survival chance they gave me Much love Gill Ps is healing circle still going I h ave not hsd an email fot months. On 22 Nov 2013 15:43, “Chanmadhavi’s Blog” wrote: > > Chan Madhavi posted: “We’ve been talking about observing the stories the mind creates and I promised to share a little more of my practice. I became so interested in the observation process and wondered if I could watch the stories as they were being created in the mind. Th” >

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Lots of love and light on your healing journey Gil!

  2. vhobday says:

    Hi Madhavi

    I have an interesting discovery related to this. I have been getting increasingly stressed and anxious about a situation and not surprisingly, no closer to any sort of “solution”. I tried to see what was holding it up, but got tied up in details of the story. So I remembered this post and felt, “yes, let me try present moment focus!”

    Well, that was very interesting. What I saw was the tricky mind, telling me that I was just trying to avoid the situation, that I did not want to face it! I found this fascinating! With that, the grip of the detail of the storyline diminished considerably because I was far more interested in what I suspect was really holding the storyline up, namely, the belief that unless I am worrying, then I am not DOING anything about whatever it is! Wow!

    With that bit of space, I could then see that there is a massive difference between worrying, and examining/looking at something from different angles etc. I could also see how when I get stressed about one thing, it impacts on pretty much everything else. And, I see more that it really is about my inner space, not about whatever the external drama is.

    This is a very new discovery but super exciting! It really is time to turn over a new leaf!

    Love and thanks

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Observing from a bigger space opens the door to more possibilities and this is what happens when we drop the baggage of the story and get to the core idea. Congratulations on this new discovery Aarti!

  3. Henk says:

    Yes indeed! The last days, whenever my mind was wandering and making a story of a possibility that could happen (mostly negative), I thought “no, no, Henk, stop it now” and I focused on the now or on the breath, making the mind empty again. I found I could “go with the story a bit longer as I wished or stop it immediately. I found I have power of observation and stopping or continue as I wish. Very wonderful! But I found that I mustn’t be to much in the story or not to caught up. Thank you indeed for sharing this journey together. It does matter for sharing it together. With lots of love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      This is a wonderful description of the experience of being centred in the observer. Thanks Henke!

  4. Maria DiGiantommaso says:

    What you said about losing focus in the present moment. That is so true!!! I never realized that. thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thanks for sharing the excitement of that discovery Maria 🙂

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