Dropping The Baggage

I have been observing my mind’s tendency to create stories and trying to arrest that habit.

The first time I discovered a story I was really so surprised, because I was treating this story as if it was the “truth” not realizing it was something made up by the mind. I took the story and attempted to delete my interpretations, bias, feelings… trying to find the core idea. I kept simplifying the idea until it was expressed in one or two short sentences.

In this way I dropped the baggage associated with the idea and it was easier to decide what to do with it. In a very natural way the idea fell away if it didn’t serve me and if it was useful, new information came to me, now that the field was cleared of the clutter.

As you would guess the more I engaged in this practice, the lighter I felt and more peace seemed to fill my being.

There is lots more I want to tell you about this practice but I want to give you a chance first to try this practice yourself, so that we can explore it in an experiential way together. You see once I did this practice a few times I found I didn’t have to do it every time because in the process I learned about why the mind was creating those stories but that is for the next time we chat.


12 Responses to Dropping The Baggage

  1. Indu says:

    Wow Madhavi I like this!!! This week you give a a wonderfull practice that comes very close to what you shared in “dropping the bagage”.
    “Simple living;
    keeping the mind clear of stories or interpretations;
    just being;
    being in the moment and not holding on to ideas and perceptions”.
    I found stories I was repeating over and over in the same way. Now I saw the deep identification with the stories and how it occupies the mind. Your idea to keep simplifying the idea until it is expressed in one or two short sentences is a wonderful practice. I found today by doing so it creates a lot of silence and it opens up my being for new possibilities of growth. So there even is no need to hold on the two sentences. Surrender comes in: It’s not “me” who has to create the solution, it’s about me to see the Divine Play. My mind cannot easely catch the perfectness of Divine order.. my silent inner being has the possibility …. Very interesting.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      I couldn’t say it better Indu!

  2. Marlene Stallabrass says:

    Hmmm, I am curious about this idea of the storytelling we do as I never really gave much thought to this idea. I started wondering why we would build “stories” in our mind. I considered that perhaps we do it to rationalize our choices or behaviour in our favour so that our behaviour seems to be more acceptable to us when it may not actually the best. Maybe we do it to justify our intentions, thoughts, emotions and actions to soothe our own feelings? Once we do it, I can see how we may begin to believe it as truth when in fact it is not truth but just our own interpretation of a situation or encounter.

    It should be interesting to try to explore the core idea of a story I create and to attempt to simplify it as you suggested. I embrace the idea of clearing the clutter and feeling more peaceful, therefore allowing more information to come to me.

    Victoria, I would like to know more about a point you made. How do you personally distinguish between positive spin and delusion? I recently tried to put a positive spin on a big disappointment only to be told by my good friend that I was just rationalizing and had every right to feel upset in those circumstances. So I am not sure I know the difference.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Really nice processing Marlene, look forward to hearing about your discoveries 🙂

      • Marlene Stallabrass says:

        A difficult situation arose today with a renovation project we currently have underway. I found that that I was experiencing it as quite upsetting. It is a problem with something that was already installed that can potentially be a major problem if it had to be taken out again. I didn’t know what a suitable solution would be and I was watching my emotional reaction. I observed what “story” I was telling myself, such things as “every time we do renovations there seem to be major problems”, “this problem will probably be a costly one to resolve and cause quite a delay”, etc., etc. My mind was going to the “worst case scenario”, which just brought me more anxiety and frustration. I decided that I didn’t want to experience it in that way. I knew it was a problem I couldn’t rectify on my own and the contractor didn’t seem to know what to do about it either. I decided that I wanted to improve my state of being because I didn’t want to stay stuck there.

        I sat down to meditate and asked for guidance to come to me, or to the contractor, or to the supplier. Even though I didn’t have a solution, I trusted that the universe could supply a solution if I asked for help. I must say I got into a more calm and more peaceful state just by meditating and trying to open and expand my mind to other possibilities. I changed the story I was telling myself (worst case scenario) to one of ” all possibilities exist in the Source”;”I trust the universe will help me and show me a solution”. Although there is definitely going to be a undesirable delay as a result of the problem, a proposed solution came that will be far more acceptable than what I had originally concocted in my mind. The ending to this situation remains to be seen, but I saw today that by changing the story I had created in my mind I could have a better experience. I also found that emptying the mind to consider other possibilities liberating. I could choose to believe that there must be an easier solution.

        Two other problems of a similar nature arose over the weekend that we have been unable to resolve yet, and for one of them I have already told myself the story that “there is no easy or satisfactory solution”. So I want to try to apply to same principles or ideas to these two situations to see if we can find a satisfactory answer or solution and to stay in a centred state while seeking them out.

        In this instance, it wasn’t so much for me about reducing the story to one or two sentences, but to notice that it was “a story”, decide whether I wanted to hold on to that same story and its accompanying emotions, or to make a different choice. The story keeps trying to come up again, so I have to consciously keep tabs on my thoughts and attempt to get them under control.

        • Chan Madhavi says:

          In our outer home we notice areas that don’t serve us so well anymore and we decide to renovate, which opens the door to show us our inner structures that could be modernized in the process :).

          • Marlene Stallabrass says:

            I can foresee more (inner) renovations in the future then! 🙂

    • Victoria Aarti says:

      Hi Marlene, not sure how to answer. Maybe I might have used different words first time round. What comes up is that I am referring to stories that I tell myself about myself. So my motivation for looking inside is try to understand as simply as possible (I can get caught in inefficient introspection), minus all the usual interpretations etc. When that happens, I can try to engage differently; so instead of ending up beating up on myself, I can be a lot kinder to myself, which results has an all round more positive and uplifting impact on my inner world. This is a new strategy for me and I look forward to practicing with it more.

      • Marlene Stallabrass says:

        Thanks for offering me more insight into your thinking on positive spin versus delusion. Aarti, and good luck with your new strategy!

    • Henk says:

      Namaskar Marlene,
      Thanks for sharing your story and process. Reading your post I thought back the last days if I had similar instances. I did have one yesterday an today the story I lived as true had a different turn that feels so more positive and pecaefull. It came good at the end. Look for the positive or keeping possibilities open and trusting the Universe is what I take from the message and comments. Thanks all! With lots of love, Henk

  3. Victoria Aarti says:

    Hi Madhavi. I have also been noticing more some of the stories that come up time and time again and which have tended to hijack and disempower me. Trying to get to the bottom of it, simplifying it as you say, has helped to see more clearly what was holding it up. And then also changing the storyline to one that involves a more positive interpretation. Important to distinguish between positive spin and delusion. But in just trying to engage with it differently, its power and stickiness have been diffused. Another powerful impact has been the deeper appreciation that I really do have responsibility for my inner space and how that affects how I see my world.
    With love and thanks
    Aarti xx

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Marvelous that you have found more of your own Power Aarti! It moves me deeply to read your sharing.

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