Dancing In Divine Tempo

A natural progression from looking at the Divine dance is noticing that there is also a Divine tempo that life seems to follow. There is rhythm in nature in the movement of the wind, in the progression of light during the day, the weather, the seasons, the movement of the planets,… Also within my physical body there are biorhythms, my emotions are changing, my mental space is also dynamic so there is constant movement within me.

Life itself is full of change and it seems to have it’s own rhythm. What will it mean if I try to dance in the same tempo as the Divine? I’ve begun to notice that some things flow effortlessly at times and at other times it seems very difficult. Could it be that sometimes I’m dancing in time with the Divine rhythm and other times I’m out of step? 

When I’m dancing in time with that Divine tempo I feel flow, I feel light … It’s lovely to dance to the tune of the Divine! This must be a little of what it means when I hear the phrase, “every thing happens in Divine time”, hmmm very interesting. 




One Response to Dancing In Divine Tempo

  1. Henk says:

    I like this aspect of the Divine. It’s tempo, yes. The keyword for me is flow. I recognize flow when running or playing football or cycling. It feels to dancing to me, especially when I’m in this sporting flow. I also recognized it the last weeks when taking care of the children. It can be hectic and busy, but when I stay in the present (also a key to staying in tune for me) and more open I feel a flow of what to do next. So wonderful days then.

    I have thought about the divine tempo the last days and I can feel when I am and when I am not in tune. When things drop or when one of the children cry for some reason I am reminded that the flow isn’t optimal. Thank you, Universe, for reminding 🙂

    With love, Henk

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