Dancing With The Divine?

There were many surprises from what I thought was a simple Play Date With The Divine from yesterday.

First of all I noticed that my inner space was more peaceful and expansive which was lovely. I could see the beginnings of stress as it seemed to approach in slow motion so that allowed me to become aware of more choices and to move along peacefully.

There were times when I didn’t know which pathway to take. Usually before I act I go through options in my mind. Yesterday I became aware that my field felt much more open and I could engage in situations without knowing the solution but feeling confident that at some point clarity would come. This is where there were surprises because what emerged was beyond anything I could have figured out beforehand.

I see now the way I interpreted what was happening in my world was very different. I was deeply influenced by the peace of nature. I felt more connected with the sacred all around me. This inner lining up with a bigger space gave me access to greater expression of love and harmony.

I think there is much more to this practice than I realized.  I continue to look at the perfection of nature seeking to experience that perfection in my inner world. 

Today I want to notice the dancing, joyful aspect of the Divine at play, the insects singing, the leaves responding to the music of the wind, the graceful swoops and swirls of the birds. What would it be like to dance with the Divine?


5 Responses to Dancing With The Divine?

  1. Henk says:

    Thank you, three Ma’s, for all your descriptions. How wonderful the summer can be, reading your stories. I always enjoy the breeze and sights in the summer, cycling (I remember cycling to work and a bird flew with for a few hundred metres, that was certainly dancing to me, walking, running, sitting outdoors. I look forward to the fall as well, I enjoy the leaves so much. The winter, hhmmmm, more of a challenge to see the dance, but when I think of the early morning walks in the forest with a fresh pack of snow, and how fairy like the forest looks, a dance indeed.

    Running today, doing the dishes, dancing with the oldest on children’s songs, I thought of your message and I could see Divinity. Seeing Divinity in nature comes almost naturally. Seeing Divinity and the dance when challenged for instance with certain remarks is more difficult, but I can see possibilities of seeing that as a dance as well.

    With love, Henk

  2. Mariann Canning says:

    Ahhh Madhavi, you are so right 🙂 Marlene is gifted when it comes to describing the great outdoors.

    Interestingly I too am always drawn to being outside. I am not much of a sports enthusiast but I LOVE to walk outdoors and it always settles me. It is as if there are soo many reminders in nature of the Divine that effortlessly I return to the awareness of not being this physical body. As nature surrounds me and I feel part of it, separateness fades and I am much more easily aware of our oneness beyond personalities.

    This summer I took to a practice of cycling in the evenings. The intention was to excercise the body and while that happened it was truly a secondary benefit. As I mounted my bike and heading into the paths I was treated to the air feeling, and smelling different on any given day, filing my lungs with the freshness and exhaling the toxins, physical, emotional and mental that had accumulated during the day.40 minutes later, having danced (cycled) with the divine I returned home in a much better space. Able to let solutions unfold rather than sitting in the driver’s seat.

    I do love the “dancing” analogy. Life does not afford so many opportunities to dance and yet I love to dance and do so with joy and abandon, trusting that it will be fun, with no fear of an outcome that could be other than good. Today I shall endeavour to experience life that way. Thanks Madhavi 🙂

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Dance, dance where ever you may be ….

  3. Marlene Stallabrass says:

    I, too, find that being in nature puts me in a different space. Circumstances had me spending a good deal of time indoors this past weekend and I was craving some additional time in nature knowing that I would feel more calm, peaceful, expansive and uplifted. When I finally managed to get 3 hours in a park-like setting near water, I thoroughly enjoyed watching hawks circling in the sky gracefully glidingdownward then soaring upwards and continuing once again toleisurely spiral downwards in the same fashion.I had the sense that they were at playand enjoying thefreedom of flight. I marvelled at thesun dancing on the water, the leavesthat werechangingcolour (already!), and the expansiveness of the sky, the breeze soothing my skin. All seemed in harmony at the time and, like you,I also felt very connectedto nature. I decided to do some yoga and other stretches while outdoors and observed how much more I enjoyed doing them in a naturalsetting as compared todoing them indoors. Was I dancing with the Divine? Can Iexperience the perfection found innature in my inner space? Can all exist in unity and harmony within me? I noticed on the way back home how much better I felt for having had that peaceful, relaxing, refreshing, uplifting time outdoors in nature. It was a tonic for my body and soul! My outer world affected my inner world, and I believe my inner world, in turn,affected my outer world. I felt happy for the remainder of the day! I like how you expressed that your field felt much more open while in nature, Madhavi,enabling you to feel confident that the perfect solutions would come to you without having to spend much time weighing the various options. It seems to me that it would definitely feelless stressful and create the space formore patience during the process. with love, Marlene


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thanks Marlene, you paint a beautiful picture of serenity and harmony.

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