A Play Date With The Divine

It’s September, the summer break is over and everywhere students are going back to school. I think it’s a good month for me to come back to posting regularly here on the blog, don’t you think?.

One of the great things about summer is the many opportunities for recreation, for play. So today my inspiration is play, to see God at play in my world. I want to notice the clouds playing with me, the sun darting in and out through the clouds. I want to remember that God is in continuous play with me as I take a moment to listen to the birds chirping, to the leaves rustling, to the trickling water in the streams and rivers.  I want to pay attention to the perfection in nature, to see the Divine at play. Can I see God as my playmate today? Hmmm a play date with the Divine, lets see how the day will unfold.

Will you join me in this practice and share your experiences?


4 Responses to A Play Date With The Divine

  1. Mariann Canning says:

    Funnily the part of your message that struck me first was the idea of the many opportunities for play in the summer and how I definately feel that way, I also see opportunities for the fall and the spring and yet in the winter I see that every part of me wants to hibernate rather than play. As we move into the fall I shall make it a point to prepare myself to continue to play with God actively no matter what the season is outdoors, to continue to in the spirit of playfulness, allowing the luminosity of the Divine brighten all days with the joyfulness of play.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Certainly Divine Play is happening no matter the season :).

  2. Henk says:

    Aah, how wonderful to see your posts again, Madhavi. I had a deep desire the last days to re-read your post, but I will do these first 🙂

    The part …that God is in continuous play with me… struck me. I’ve heard and thought about that life is a play of god, but with your sentence it makes it more personal. How is God and life playing with me?

    Play has a different meaning the last year for me as I rediscover toys and playing with children. I can see God in their play. It’s evening now, but for the rest of this day I will try to see the play. Typing this message now and absorbing your thoughts as a play, sharing now how I enjoy your presence and messages, how they bring me more peace and joy. To me that is playing too, with a part of Divine.

    I remember the early morning run in the forest, the freedom of running, through the alleys of trees, certainly a play. Quoting Suze “thank you, trees, for the leaves and pine cones. Very lovely of you” 🙂

    Thank you, Madhavi

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Henke your comment makes me think about play more deeply. Thank you for sharing.

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