Have I Taken Control Of My Day Or Is My Day Controlling Me?

How quickly time is passing by! We are well into the new year. I have to reflect on what’s been happening to see if I am spending my time in a way that is congruent with my larger vision for myself.

So far today have I taken control of my day or did I allow it to control me? Or was there a mixture of both; sometimes I was in charge and sometimes it controlled me? When and in what situations did I allow the day to control me? Was I controlled by the feelings of the body, or the triggers that come from other people, or energies from around me? How did I feel when things around controlled me? What was the feeling when I was in charge of what was happening?

Did I go with the flow of things and was I still in control? Was I keeping aware and changing when I thought it is not going where I want it to go? Did I manage my thoughts and emotions and align myself to what was happening around me in such a way that I felt more harmony?

Today my intention is to uplift my Self, Self inside and Self outside, to recognize the very same Source inside of me is looking at me through another, to come to the awareness that this is my Self in another person, “those eyes are looking from the same space that is inside of me”.

I seek to understand my Higher Self in everybody else. I want to understand that, I want to feel that, I want to know that Higher Self, to see my Higher Self in everything!

I want to recognize the energy working within me, and within others, feel peace within me, and recognize peace within others. The more I can feel that Higher Self inside of me, the more I will see it in others. It is by knowing Self that I begin to know my world.

I will keep a check on that ego part of me that is looking to be satisfied with the little things – a little fight here, a little pleasure there, the need for recognition here, not wanting to serve there, the need to protect personal property, the desire not to give but to hoard. All these are ego plays that serve no purpose. There is so much to learn, there is so much to know and there is so much to experience in every day! Today I am going to keep myself on track.


4 Responses to Have I Taken Control Of My Day Or Is My Day Controlling Me?

  1. Henk says:

    Hmmm, very interesting. I recognize a lot you say and indeed so much to learn 🙂 so much to experience. Some days or some parts of a day feel more in control and with other parts of a day I ‘feel lived’ and after a few hours I think to myself “I haven’t been noticing my breath or my thoughts”. Observing more thoroughly what is happening and what agents are contributing would be wise. I think I will use a journal to keep track on what is happening. Interesting. Thanks!

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      A journal can be a very useful tool in self reflection. Thanks Henk.

  2. lifeisharing says:

    Nice blog.

    You wrote the following: “All these are ego plays that serve no purpose”. I feel that they do serve a purpose, they encourage you to go deeper, they challenge you to look at the darker sides of your character so you can dissolve them with love. ❤

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      I’m glad that you are able to use your ego plays to serve your purpose of self transformation. All success to you!

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