A Priceless Gift For Me

Last time we talked, I was telling you about the practice of the loving look as a priceless gift. This week I’d like to share some of what I experienced with the practice.

When I was already in a loving mood, and I was with someone and all was flowing well , it was very easy to do the practice. So much so that I could easily do it  every time.

I wanted to find a way to go deeper. I found that if I consciously asked myself to delve deeper, to be more loving, to go beyond what I felt before, I became more silent inside. But this silence was … buoyant … like if I was floating on an invisible  wave.

What was very interesting is that even if I was to get into conversation with the person, that sweet underlying feeling was still there. This happened even if I was not physically with the person. In fact I could just be texting them and that beautiful connection would be there.

There were times when I found myself short-tempered and definitely unloving. Instead of beating myself up and fretting about it, whenever I realized what was happening, I just tried to become loving. I was not able to be as loving as when all was flowing smoothly, but I found the practice of coming back over and over again to a loving space to be very refreshing. No matter how many times I slipped away from that feeling, I resolved to keep the focus and attention on coming back to the space. I would say a prayer and that would start to bring me back.

I prayed for help to be in a better mood. I prayed for blessings to the space and to all in it. I prayed for those who may have slipped too, and may be in a bad mood, that together we may be uplifted.

In order to keep the practice going, I had to accept that all the time the feeling wouldn’t be the same. I told myself it’s just like a recipe, every time you make that meal, it won’t taste the same.

I noticed recently that I could do the practice with myself. Whenever I look at my reflection I tried to send a loving look. This one needs more practice. So I’ll stick with it for the time being. What would it be like to pray for myself every time I looked in the mirror? Hmm a priceless gift to myself. Want to try it with me?


5 Responses to A Priceless Gift For Me

  1. Victoria Aarti says:

    Namaskar Madhavi and all

    As you said, both this and the previous practice I found easier when I was in a good place myself. So a very relevant reminder to not beat up on myself when I am not in such a good place. And also an acknowledgement of perhaps even greater need to send loving looks to myself at such times.

    This week I am having to give presentations for work and what I have been trying before my presentation, whilst the event introductions are going on and the butterflies are building up, is to scan the room deliberately (I am facing the audience) and offer a prayer for all present and an intention for the event. I cannot really describe the experience but it is very positive. As I write this I recognise some challenges during the presentation, including the sight of some people sleeping! Hmmm, let me see what I can come up with by way of an appropriate response tomorrow!

    Love and thanks

  2. Nat says:

    A bit like you , I would beat myself up when I wouldn’t be in a loving place towards someone or myself.
    Since “time” is a linear notion for humans, I realized that if I would send love and peace to that situation or person to heal it in the past, it would actually help me in the “now”to be more loving.
    Healing the past , heals today and I feel it becomes easier to remain in the loving space for those similar situation or person.
    Im very curious and exited to do the mirror thing…thanks for the hint.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Yes very important to heal the past, look forward to hearing what you discover with the mirror exercise Nat.

  3. kay marshall says:

    Sharing your awareness and comments is in itself a priceless gift Thank you.


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thank you Kay. Just the writing process brings so much insight.

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