Priceless Gift Giving

Are you busy shopping for Christmas gifts? Perhaps you are thinking about what gifts you want to receive. Or may be you are pre-occupied with the gifts you want to give. In the spirit of the season I thought you might like some suggestions for Christmas giving. What’s your budget like? How about some priceless gifts?

Have you ever thought about how you look? No, I don’t mean your physical appearance. I mean what you transmit through your eyes. When you look at a person, when you look at an object, when you look at a place; what kind of energy do you send out through your look? In the rush to tick off what is on your to do list what’s the ‘vibe’ around you?

As you know, I’ve been reading through my journals and I came across this little nugget. In my journal I recorded a special conversation. A friend came to me and said, “Please bless me with your look.” What a very strange request!  First of all I never thought of myself as capable of blessing another. I didn’t know where to start!

And another thing if it is possible to bless with a look, what kind of looks have I been giving all along? Well you can imagine this gave me pause on many levels.

Every gift giving starts with a loving intention, not so? Upon reflection I concluded a blessing could be a loving intention. May be my friend was asking me to radiate a loving intention through my eyes. I couldn’t be sure what was coming through my eyes so I added a brief pray. I prayed for good health for my friend, for greater spiritual awakening, for the awareness of ever-present support. It’s different looking at someone while having a pray in the mind. It’s hard to explain, try it you will see what I mean.

This was an amazing gift I got from my friend, the awareness that I could consciously use a look to uplift. It’s a gift that revealed more layers, the more I practiced it.  Naturally the prayers have changed over time with my growth and experience and awareness of the other.

I am so happy to find this little practice, to brush it off and to find myself motivated to explore it once more. As I go about my duties today, I am going to be more conscious of sending out vibrations of love through my eyes, to the people I meet, to the plants and animals in my environment, to the places I find myself in, and to the objects around me.

Will you join me in the quest to learn more about what it means to bless with a look? I’d love to hear about your discoveries. A lovely gift to our world don’t you think?


8 Responses to Priceless Gift Giving

  1. Alie Joha says:

    Be aware, your eyes shine the consciousness of your soul in the purest way out .. Sincere Blessings through the eyes are intense Powerful!

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Beautifully said Alle

  2. Chris van Oosterwijk says:

    Namaskar dear Madhavi,

    Thank you so much for your message. This is what I’m trying to do in my daily life, but it’s nice to read about and to do it even more consiously. What a gift!!! with love Kripa (Chris)

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Namaskar Kripa

      Glad to know you are sharing looks of love with all around you!


  3. kay marshall says:

    You are amazing! I loved your blog about the loving intention and look and will begin practicing it now! Thank you.


    • Chan Madhavi says:

      That’s good news. I’d like to hear about your experiences with it Kay!

      • Shobha says:

        I like the idea of giving a blessing – it is a priceless gift!

        • Chan Madhavi says:

          It’s a beautiful practice, isn’t it Shobs?

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