Transforming Irritants Into Pearls



I find an oyster’s response to irritation very intriguing. It forms a nucleus around the irritant and over time coats it with calcium carbonate thus protecting itself from the irritant. This process is repeated over and over again. Eventually this irritant becomes a highly valued pearl.

Can I transform irritants into pearls? I shall explore that possibility today.





5 Responses to Transforming Irritants Into Pearls

  1. Marlene says:

    Here are my thoughts. A pearl is something of value but originates from an irritant. So I asked myself how I can make some of my irritants something of value. It seems to me that the irritants are placed in my life for me to pay attention to so that I can learn something from them and grow from them. So, the way I see it, those irritants are telling me something about the way I react to what the Universe is giving me…my negative reactions. And since the Universe is perfect, if I examine my reactions closely and try to find a way to shield myself or protect myself from future negative thoughts and emotions surrounding these irritants, then that shield (equivalent to calcium carbonate for the pearl) is of great value to me, and thus is my pearl.

    So a couple of things that I could focus on when feeling irritated in order to protect myself might be gratitude and appreciation for all my blessings, or using positive affirmations, or trying to look at the situation in a more expansive way to minimize the irritant. When it is another person who appears to be the source of my irritation, looking for the Divine in the person and trying to have understanding and compassion for their position might help me move into a position where I feel less irritated or not irritated at all. So these tools or techniques are my calcium carbonate.

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Wonderful tools Marlene!

    • Henk says:

      Thank you very much, Marlene. When reading the post, something (not clear yet) but more a vague feeling came up. You made it very specific, the vague feeling I had. Indeed wonderful tools. And the power of a story (of the pearl) sticks in my memory.

      Let’s make some pearls 🙂

  2. Indu says:

    Interesting information and nice metaphore Madhavi A thought to explore: Would the calcium carbonate be compassion and unconditional love be the highly valued pearl?
    love Indu

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Indeed compassion an unconditional love are priceless pearls Indu!

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