Looking Back So That I Can Go Forward

Courtesy D. Bowslaugh


It’s that special time of year again. It’s getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, slowly but surely change is coming. The days are getting shorter, the light intensity is changing. This year is drawing to a close and a new year is approaching. Before I can look forward to what is to come I like to spend a little time on what was.


I’ve been browsing through these posts and really enjoyed the conversations we shared. I’ve also browsed through my journals and it’s made for interesting reading. I looked at my facebook history and I even did a brief run through in my “sent email” box. I didn’t spend too much time with this, just a quick run through because I didn’t want to get caught up in the details. I wanted to see big picture.



Why am I looking back so much? I’m looking for patterns, for habits. I’ve seen by this history where I’ve actually spent my time and energy. Do you find that  you can’t find the time to do what you really love? Right! That’s exactly why I did the review. I want to cut out areas where I’ve given attention but it’s not a productive use of my energy. I also wanted to discover where I could give added focus, what is interesting for me but I put on the back burner because I didn’t have the time before. My ideas are not crystal clear as yet. I give myself this time to play with different ideas.

It’s so easy to get caught up in day-to-day living that it’s hard to get that big picture perspective of how my life is going. I’m appreciating this time of year that reminds me reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to go.


I hope you too use this time of transition to think about where you’ve been and get a fresh perspective of where you want to go.





2 Responses to Looking Back So That I Can Go Forward

  1. Henk says:

    Namaskar Madhavi,

    I could clearly relate with your post. I saw an old colleague and what he was doing with his work/career now. A feeling and thought arose in me: “what do I want? Am I doing what I really love? Can I do more or something different?”. It led to my email to you a week ago 🙂

    I like the relationship or connection with Nature. Why go on on the same matter and why not go with the flow of nature? I like the way nature changes with the seasons. I can do the same :). Thanks for the awareness.

    I think I can change my focus and time on different areas. I remembered a previous post how you spent 15 minutes on different activities. I too want to do a lot of different things, but I get caught up in one thing and don’t get to other activities. The last few weeks I spent 15 minutes on yoga, meditation, sport, cooking. It gave me a lot of rest and I did more!

    I also looked back at my goals I set at the beginning of 2012. I saw growth, but I can grow more.

    All my love, Henk

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Nice processing Henk. All blessings.

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