The Pause That Keeps On Giving


This weekend we have been pausing and waiting for Divine guidance before entering into a situation. I have made some very interesting discoveries about when I connect with that guidance and when I don’t connect.


I notice that if in that pause I have already come to some conclusion about what is happening, then the result is that I have shut myself off from any kind of guidance. I feel contracted, confused, messed up. The trick is to train myself to open up to more, whenever I notice these types of negative feelings.


I begin the opening process by telling myself there are many possible interpretations of the signals that I’m picking up. As I try to observe more and hold off on drawing conclusions I start to come into a better frame of mind. I start to feel a change inside myself. I see the challenge the incident is presenting me but somehow there is a little space that allows more uplifting feelings to seep in. Then the guidance comes in how to act.

I need to practice pausing more before I enter into situations, I’m becoming very interested in this practice because it is improving my relationships. I’m not getting so cranky :). How is it going for you?





2 Responses to The Pause That Keeps On Giving

  1. The only thing I can say is: Do Not Judge.
    I take everything at face value, and struggle very hard not to judge – myself nor others.
    It is not easy, over time it becomes easier – though I still catch myself judging

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Good point about striving to be non – judgmental. Thank you for the reminder!

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