Trusting the Architect of Life

I was blessed with many challenges yesterday, I say blessed because they allowed me to discover a new way of dealing with challenges. You remember the practice from yesterday was to see Divine Order Every where.

It was easy to become inspired by the natural world around me, the flowers, the trees and animals. I decided to extend that perspective to all of creation; the buildings, roads, furniture, every physical object including people. I kept reminding myself, as I paused during the day, that everything my senses perceived was created and sustained by a Divine hand.

Then I took it the next step that this magnificent Divine Power was also supporting me in my evolution. Whenever I recognized a challenging situation, I reminded myself that it was designed by the Sacred Architect and all was in divine order. Somehow this affirmation helped me to remain calm and stable and to connect more to my inner wisdom.

When solutions were not apparent, I was better able to be patient, thinking that all aspects will come together in perfect timing and the reason I couldn’t see clearly at the moment was just that the time was not right. I could prepare for that solution by looking closer to what was happening right before me.

For example instead of getting stressed out during those pauses when solutions were not apparent, I opened myself to more creative thinking and I realized that they were gifts of quiet time. So I was able to write the blog post yesterday while waiting for solution to a conundrum. During another challenge I used the time when I couldn’t find a solution to do chores around the house then later in the day when another “crisis” came up I was better able to see it as an opportunity to make loving contact with family and friends while not allowing any problem to dwell in my mind or to enter the conversation. In every situation I saw that a simple, easy solution arose in the perfect time.

I am so thankful I had so many chances to use the practice yesterday. In writing this post I realize that the details of the challenges have become not so interesting because the lessons learned is much more fascinating. I’m going to continue with the practice of seeing divine order everywhere this weekend and look closely to see how I can make it more of my automatic way of seeing the world. I want to build greater trust in the Architect of life.

I wish you marvelous self discoveries in the practice!


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