Seeing Divine Order Everywhere

mango flower


The rain has just stopped falling this morning and the leaves on the tress are so attractive in their freshly washed vibrancy. I’m inspired by the beautiful design that the trunk and branches make and the patterns of dead leaves that have fallen on the earth.  The birds flit from tree to tree, singing cheerfully as they begin their day. The insects are industriously looking for food.


In the garden every flower has its own uniqueness; in beauty and in its position on the plant. It’s part of a bigger design.

All seems so perfectly arranged by the magnificent hand of the Divine. Ah as I look at this tableau outside my window I have a better understanding of Divine order.



Today my practice will be to see my world from this perspective, that all is in divine order. I will strive to keep this point of view as I look at my relationships with my world. Before entering any situation I want to practice pausing, waiting for the inspiration on how to act, looking for guidance from that higher power, that exquisite designer of life.

Will you join me in this practice? Let us see what we will discover today.



7 Responses to Seeing Divine Order Everywhere

  1. Chantal says:

    Thank you Marlene for reminding me to pause for everything and not just the challenges in my life.

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  3. Marlene says:

    With the intention of pausing and waiting for inspiration on how to act, I noticed so much more when walking outdoors this morning. I noticed as I passed a tree that there was a fungus or mushroom growing mid-way up the trunk, extending outwards from it, that was about a foot in diameter. I had passed this tree just a few days ago and did not notice this fungus, but today I paused, I examined it closely, and I was amazed by its size and form. I came across a blue hydrangea plant, and it seemed to me that it was the deepest blue hue I had ever seen in a hydrangea plant.

    As I continued along, I was suddenly struck by the sweet fragrance of crabapple. I practiced pausing and waiting for the inspiration on how to act, as you had suggested in your blog this morning. I went up to the tree to smell the fruit on it and there did not appear to be much fragrance. I picked up a fallen crabapple, observed it carefully, its roundness, its redness, but most of all, I was drinking in its fragrance by holding it up to my nose. How delightful!

    There was a helicopter that passed overhead that briefly disturbed the peacefulness of my walk. Afterwards I had a new appreciation for the peacefulness I had enjoyed beforehand. I paused again. I noticed even more than before the sound of the birds and the chirping of insects. The regained peacefulness seemed to heightened my awareness of nature’s sounds.

    I thanked the trees for providing me with temporary respites of shade from the heat of the sun. I noticed and appreciated the brief occurrences of a breeze for the same reason.

    Without knowing in advance that they would be working in the path of my walk, I unexpectedly came across my son and grandson doing some landscape construction work in the area. So I got to spend a few minutes connecting with loved ones, which was a nice surprise.

    When I caught myself alternating between observing and thinking on the way back home, I realized that I observed far more in my surroundings when my mind was quiet than when I was thinking.

    I felt my morning walk was a healing walk, like a balm for my soul today. Everything appeared to be in divine order!

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thank you for sharing the marvelous morning walk Marlene. It’s soothing quality comes through in your description.

    • Henk says:

      Thank you, Marlene. Your description touched me and inspired me to take such a walk right now, with the dog. You triggered memories of wonderful walks and that is always a possibility to have such a walk. Or cycle, or meal.

      I very much like the practice of pausing and waiting for any inspiration or guidance, opening up to seeing more. I will try to keep this for a few days going and see if I can master this more and more.

      All my love, Henk

  4. Shobha says:

    Yes I will join you in looking at the Divine order of things…..

    • Chan Madhavi says:

      Thanks Shobs, lovely to have your company in today’s adventures.

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